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At Craft City, we believe that crafting should be fun and creations should be on your own terms. For me, crafting is all about doing things differently. Our products inspire crafters to push the limits of their creativity, because everyone was born to create!  Xoxo,

-Karina Garcia, Craft City Founder


The house that slime bought: Karina Garcia details how DIY video lead to an empire and lifted her out of hard times - ABC News

By ENJOLI FRANCIS Dec 20, 2018, 6:17 AM ET   Nearly four years ago, Karina Garcia was down on her luck, working on th...

Role Models Tell Girls That STEM’s for Them in New Campaign - The New York Times

Bonnie Ross, head of Microsoft’s Halo game studio, says, “You have the power to bring new worlds to life.” Maya Gu...

This Year’s Holiday Toy Craze Involves a Lot of Squishing - Wall Street Journal

Squishies, soft foam toys, are a hit with children and some adults, but connoisseurs gauge their enjoyment by how slo...


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