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Karina becomes a finalist for the Shorty Awards

If you're wondering why this year's Shorty Awards will be unlike any other, then Gregory Galant, the co-founder of The Shorty Awards and MuckRack CEO, is here to tell you. Galant spoke with Elite Daily about its Creator of the Decade award and why it's the newest achievement to be recognized at this year's show. "While 10 years only represents an insignificant fraction of the time we humans have been in existence, it's a tremendous portion of the time we've been able to create content for a global audience, without the approval of a gatekeeper," Galant explains. "In fact, many of our finalists were completely obscure 10 years ago. Most built their audience one fan at a time, using nothing but a webcam and their creativity. In honor of this special year, we've introduced the Creator of the Decade award. We're honoring influencers who have helped shape the most uplifting and valuable content on social media and the web today.” Sounds incredible! You can check out the finalists for the Creator of the Decade award below, along with the full list of finalists.

23-year-old Karina Garcia is often referred to as the “Queen of Slime.” It’s a fitting name—Karina is obsessed with making slime! While she’s truly a YouTube DIY specialist, posting videos with craft ideas and life hacks, her real specialty is making any kind of slime (and in any amount). 100 pounds of slime is no sweat, and fans can learn how to make it themselves using household materials, or by finding one of her slime-making kits available in Target. She shares in the gooey fun with more than just her followers, featuring other popular YouTubers like Brooklyn & Bailey and Rebecca Zamolo in her videos. Karina’s bubbly personality has helped her grow her YouTube account quickly, going from 635K subscribers to well over 7M in 2017 alone!

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