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Signs as Slimes | Horoscopes for April


Signs as Slimes | Horoscopes for April:

Aries - Purple Fluff

Be patient and take things slow, it's ok to be lazy some days, you deserve to relax and recharge. Lighten up with the sweet smell of purple fluff, and has just a bit of sparkle to remember to shine on!

Taurus - Pink Fluff

Pink fluff is bold and bubbly to take charge of your own path and own up to your mistakes, don’t see them as failures but as a learning opportunity be original and be creative as April will bring you lots of fun opportunities for success.


Gemini - Rainbow Drop

Be confident in who you are, show off your confidence with your own unique sense of style. Rainbow drop slime is unique and fun and resonates with your carefree attitude with a splash of colorful beaded mix-ins.

Cancer - Blue Fluff

April is all about growing friendships, people will come in waves, but friendships are everlasting. Blue fluff is fun and outgoing, a sweet scent that everyone will wander to, just like a Cancer, blue fluff is a crowd pleaser.


Leo - Banana

Family should take priority this month, set time to spend time with family, make it fun and tropical just like the banana slime, fun, sweet, and always a little silly.

Virgo - Apple

Choose to be a free-spirit this month, love yourself wholeheartedly and stand by the decisions you make that will benefit your well-being. Be the apple of your eye with apple slime, dedicate time to be whole-heartedly you!


Libra - Crunch Munch

Crunch Munch is rich in a gooey chocolatey smell and lovable stickiness, just like you, people stick close to you because of your great team effort and fun personality that’s easy-going. This month use your personality to meet new people, possibly new friends!

Scorpio - Strawberry Jelly

Just like strawberry jam slime, you’re clear with how you treat your friends. Your transparent when it comes to how you feel, let your emotions take control of your decisions for once, and remember just be your best self!

Sagittarius - Watermelon

Watermelon slime is subtle and sweet, with just a little bit of tang. Your personality aligns with the slime for the month of April as you take on fun excursions with friends, from late night adventures to weekend escapes.

Capricorn - Peppermint

Take some time for yourself and set time aside for your own well-being. Don’t be afraid to skip a party or hanging out with friends. Be tranquil like the Peppermint slime, you have all you need to relax and rejuvenate during April.

Aquarius - Buttered Popcorn

Never settle for normalcy, this month brings you changes that POP up out of nowhere. Like the popcorn slime, don’t be scared of change, instead, leap forward with new ideas and avenues, you never know where they may lead.

Pisces - Blue Raspberry

You protrude positive vibes in the month of April. Use your positivity and optimism and share it with those around you. Blue Raspberry slime is soft to the touch and easy to play with, you both get along well with everyone you meet.

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