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Craft City: DIY Squishy Art

Squish your heart out with the Craft City DIY Squishy Art Bakeshop Kit. This is the ultimate kit to make the cutest squishies!

Kit includes:

  • 2 Foam Molds (donut, cupcake)
  • Bag of small plastic sprinkles
  • 6 pieces of colored chalk
  • 3 bottles of puffy paint
  • Instruction & design guide

Safety considerations:

All of the items contained in your kit are not considered to be harmful or hazardous when using as directed. Always handle each item with care, read the instructions carefully, and wash your hands after use. Never taste or ingest any of the items used in this kit.



Squishy Art Kit Tips:

Use a coin or a key to scrape the chalk into powder instead of coloring directly on to the mold.

Use a damp paintbrush to brush the chalk powder onto the foam mold.

Gently press the sprinkles into the puff paint when it is wet to allow the sprinkles to set.

The more you squish your Squishy Art the most susceptible it becomes for the frosting (paint) to fall off if it does a simple fix is to use a bit of super glue to glue down and let it dry.


  1. Choose a squishy foam mold to decorate.
  2. Scrape any color of chalk with a coin or key to turn it into powder. Use a brush or your fingers to put the powdered chalk on the foam mold.
  3. Paint the foam mold with any color of puff paint to create details like frosting. Add faux rainbow sprinkles to the puff paint while it is still wet.
  4. Let everything dry for 24 hours before playing with your Squishy Art!


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