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DIY Suncatchers using Slime Charms


There’s just something about the summer sunshine inspires us for this new DIY how to! Its an awesome and creative way to integrate leftover slime supplies with new crafty decor. And who doesn’t love suncatchers?

What you’ll need:

  • Clear glue
  • Ribbon, string, or wire (for hanging your art later!)
  • Miscellaneous slime charms, foam beads, whatever you want to make your suncatcher your own
  • A clear, empty and cleaned plastic lid (could be from an old container, any size you’d like)
  • Flat surface (for drying)


  1. Gather all your materials for your DIY project!
  2. Squeeze the clear glue onto the inside of the lid, use this side to prevent the glue from oozing from the lid.
  3. Start placing your slime charms, foam beads, glitter, etc. in whichever way you’d like. Make it fun, colorful and all your own.
  4. After you’ve placed all your items down, add a bit more glue to solidify your design
  5. Let dry for 3-5 days, (put in the sun for quicker results)
  6. Make sure it dries completely before removing from the lid
  7. If there are any gaps, use the gaps to thread a piece of ribbon for easier hanging.
  8. Hang your suncatcher to see it shine!


  • Save the lid for later, it works well to make more!
  • The catcher may fade over time due to the fact its placed in direct sunlight
  • Why not try colored glue for a fun effect!
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