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How To: ASMR

SHHH...let’s discuss ASMR.

If you didn’t know already, ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response meaning a tingling sensation that starts on your skin that can move up and down your body as a response to sensory stimuli. So, basically, when you listen to soft sounds, whispering or sounds like biting into an apple, popping slime bubbles or tapping nails, you can react with a feeling of happiness or tingliness that circulates your body. This feeling can help to boost your mood and help you feel relaxed.

Each person reacts to ASMR differently, some being more prone to the sounds while others can get goosebumps. According to some studies, ASMR has been proven to promote relaxation and the majority of people who listen to ASMR noted that their mood increases after and sometimes hours later after watching a video.

Recently, Karina herself has entered the world of ASMR with her YouTube videos, ‘I Tried ASMR.. Eating Raw Honeycomb, Slime, Aloe Vera (Sticky Crunchy Sounds)’ that garnered over 30 million views is hilariously relatable and definitely leaves us in a better mood after watching. She goes from eating honeycomb to lighting matches to squishing big buckets of slime all with the mesmerizing noise that produces the profound wonder that is ASMR.
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