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How to Prep for Slime Mania

We are so excited to be attending Slime Mania in New Jersey! Here are some packing tips to make this Slime Mania the ultimate slimey experience.

  1. Know whose attending slime mania, start following your favorite slimers on their Instagrams to know what slimes they will have at Slime Mania.  
  2. Pick out your outfit for Slime Mania the night before so you don’t feel stressed in the morning about what to wear, and remember there’s always a chance that you may get slimed.
  3. Bring an external battery pack. We love taking photos with our friends and sharing our favorite slimes on our Insta-stories so it's important that your phone stays fully charged.
  4. Put your notifications on for @CraftCityLife on Instagram as we will be hosting giveaways all day throughout the event!
  5. Pack light because you know you’ll be buying all the slimes at Slime Mania, make sure you are prepared to take all your new slimes home!
  6. Plan to arrive at the convention early to be the first in line to go into Slime Mania
  7. Have fun, make friends and have a slimey good time!

For any other info or inquiries, head over to the Slime Mania Website and @SlimeManiaExpo on Instagram for all the details.
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