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Karina Hits 9 Million on YouTube

Literally shook and so proud of our slime queen, Karina Garcia on reaching 9 MILLION subscribers on YouTube! To celebrate, we’ve created a list of our Top nine favorite videos she’s created. Does yours make the cut?

1. DIY WORLD’S LARGEST SQUISHY! How to Make A Giant Squishy!

This video gave us the icon Penelope herself, we stan a legend.

2. KARINA GARCIA’S DIY SLIME KIT! Slushee Slime, Crunchy Slime, Glow in the Dark & More!

This video is so exciting because it launched a slimey empire of Craft City products!

3. DIY Super Clear Slime! How to Make the Clearest Thick Slime Ever

We love a clear slime, it’s such a simple slime recipe that everyone can do and then make their slime unique by adding scents, textures, color, the possibilities are endless!

4. I made 150+ GALLONS of Slime (whats new?)

We had a great time at Slime Bash and we are completely obsessed

5. I tried ASMR: Slime! Crunchy Slime, Cloud Slime, Butter Slime & More!

We love a good ASMR video, especially when it includes our Craft City Slime, it’s so satisfying to watch Coffee Slime pop so nicely.

6. Mixing all my Karina Garcia Slimes

The ultimate slime smoothie with all the Karina Garcia and craft city slimes.

7. I Tried ASMR.. Eatin Raw Honeycomb, Slime, Aloe Vera (Sticky Crunchy Sounds)

The ASMR video that started it all, a true legend and a must watch.

8. LIQUID MIRROR!? Metal That Melts In Your Hand!

Not slime related but super cool to look at would love to get our hands on our own gallium to play with.

9. Extreme Spicy Noodle Challenge! *GONE WRONG* Vomit Warning

*Warning* do not attempt this spicy challenge, though we love noodles this one just seems too hot for us to handle.  

You've seen our top nine, let us know if your favorite made the list!

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