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Signs as Glitter | Horoscopes for June

A new month, a new beginning, a new set of horoscopes! What will your glitter horoscope have in store for you this month? 

Aries - Neon Pink

Stick to your goals this month, school’s almost out and soon you’ll be able to jump right into and take all the time you’d like to hang with friends and make summer a blast! Your summer looks bright and fun just like neon pink glitter.

Taurus - Earth Green

June will bring you down to earth like green glitter. Let yourself glimmer in the sunlight, take the time to relax and catch up on reading.

Gemini - Holographic Silver

It’s your month to SHINE. Gemini season is upon you, be yourself and celebrate all your tiny victories. Holographic silver is the life of the party just like you.

Cancer - Ultramarine

You're sweet and serene like ultramarine blue. Let yourself go with the flow and take time to spend with your friends.

Leo - Gold Glitter

You glisten in the sunlight, with an absolute golden personality you’ll surpass any challenges that you may come across.

Virgo - Glow in the Dark

Virgos may face some unexpected changes this month, though the path may seem unclear now, you can glow through it no matter what.

Libra - Millennial Pink

You’re adored by everyone around you. Your personality is contagious, use your people skills to surround yourself with new and old friends. You sparkle in shades of pink.

Scorpio - Holographic Orange

June is for jumping into new things! Test your skills out and see if you come up with some new hobbies, new opportunities will come your way.


Sagittarius - Cornflower Blue

Accept the changes as they move along, maybe you’re graduating or maybe you’re trying new things. Don’t make judgments at first glance, you might feel a little blue at times but know that there’s always tomorrow to look forward to.

Capricorn - Magenta

Make your goals your priority this month. Like magenta, your positivity will lead you to success with achieving your goals.

Aquarius - Holographic Turquoise

June will be practically serene for an Aquarius. Use your time to flow through your thoughts and prioritize your goals.

Pisces - Lavender Purple

Take this month to relax and treat yourself to some needed self-care. Realize that having nothing to do is the best thing to do. Like lavender glitter, you feel at peace and feel restful in June.

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