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Signs as Mini Slimes | Horoscopes for August

Make the most of your final days of summer with a little help from one of our newest kits, the Craft City Mini Slime Kit! What will your sign bring you this month? 

Aries - Magenta

Take the last bit of summer you have to share with your family. Spend time making everlasting memories with your fam bam and make every moment colorful!

Taurus - Millennial Pink

You feel particularly independent this month, spending most of your time pursuing your educational goals. Get prepped for the new school year in style and step forward as head of your class with class. 

Gemini - Orange

Orange you glad you’ve still got a month of summer left!? This month will be filled with fun activities and events for you. Use your time wisely, although you’ll feel overwhelmed and busy, you will have a blast with your friends using every moment to make summer last. 

Cancer - Yellow

You had an absolutely fun birthday month so take August to relax and rest. Spend time being a homebody with friends and family. Let things move slow and day by day you’ll be ready to conquer anything and everything in the month to come. 

Leo - Bright Blue

It's finally Leo season! You’re feeling very independent this month, able to take on your own goals and pursue your passions. There are no summer blues up ahead for you. 

Virgo - Black

Black on black this summer, you stand out from the crowd. You are completely original and don’t let anyone else bring you down. This month may be a bit emotional but you are strong and confident in who you are. 

Libra - Royal Blue

Live your life royally this month, assert yourself and be a decision-maker. There’s nothing stopping you from living your best life, challenges may appear but you are capable of handling anything that comes your way. 

Scorpio - Purple

This month will be practically perfect for you. Expect new friendships to bloom, focus on your social circle this month as it slowly expands. The month may not last long but friendships last forever.

Sagittarius - Green
With school around the corner, take some time to go outside and enjoy the summer weather. Grab a group of friends and head to the beach, go on a hike or even host a picnic!

Capricorn - Red

Remember that you can always rely on your family for support. Don’t blush or feel nervous about asking for help when you need it. This month there will be some obstacles but don’t worry because your friends and family are there to help you out. 

Aquarius - Clear

August is clearly meant for you to take time and treat yourself. You are such a hard worker that you forget to take time for yourself. Spend time relaxing, reading and recharging!

Pisces - White

August is a blank space for you to start new. Be patient while working towards your goals and make sure to take time to be creative!

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