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Signs as Scents | Horoscopes for July

You know the drill. Its summer and we are all thriving in our horoscopes. Be sweet. Be kind. Be yourself. 

Aries - Lemon

July brings you a fresh perspective, you are skilled in what you do and this month will be one to use to work hard, your so close to achieving your goals, keep it up!

Taurus - Strawberry

You’re are a ‘berry’ welcoming of new circles and new friends. Take July to open up and meet new people and create new memories. 

Gemini - Coffee

You’re so energetic, you don’t need caffeine to get things done. You’re the life of the party, use that to your advantage and make the most of your summer. 

Cancer - Watermelon

Its the best month of the year! Celebrate yourself for all your accomplishments and continue to pursue your goals, no ambition is too big or small.

Leo - Bubblegum

With a bubbly personality like yours, its easy to surround yourself with good friends. Take time away from your phone to spend time with friends. 

Virgo - Peanut butter

July might be a bit nutty for you but its nothing you aren’t able to handle. Find peace with your independence, go to the movies by yourself, read a book, and treat yourself to calm days. 

Libra - Cherry

Cheer yourself on this month with fun art projects. Your creativity will thrive in the month of July, let yourself be inspired by the sun for loads of fun. 

Scorpio - Blue Raspberry

You’ll be feeling sweet all of July due to the fun activities you’ve planned for you and your friends but don’t feel tart if plans begin to unravel, let yourself go with the flow some of the best memories aren’t planned. 

Sagittarius - Banana

This summer is about moving on and moving up, another academic year comes to a close and a new one is right around the corner. Expand your opportunities at all costs, you’ll never know if one of them becomes a new hobby. 

Capricorn - Pineapple

You’re feeling a little rough from the past few months but things are looking sweeter for this month. Take time to relax and reenergize yourself. Take a splash at the pool, you can conquer any waves coming your way. 

Aquarius - Cereal Milk

July seems a bit milky, it's hard to see where you’ll end up but it's not about the destination, it's about the journey, let yourself go on an exploration to discover more about yourself, what do you like doing in your free time? 

Pisces - Popcorn

You’re so friendly, everyone goes to you for help. Take the popularity you’ve got to help those around you, reach out to those you don’t know as well and watch your friendships bloom. 

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