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Signs as Squishy Doughnuts | Horoscopes for May

Signs as Squishy Doughnuts | Horoscopes for May:

Aries - Pink Sprinkled

May the month of May bring you great opportunities to meet and hang out with new friends. Spend time to focus on your friendships. Like a pink sprinkled donut, you’re a classic!

Taurus - Confetti Donut

Use the month of May to make time for spending quality time with your family, big or small, your family is always there to support you! You’re sweet and always excited to share time with others just like a confetti donut, ready to celebrate.

Gemini - Galaxy Donut

Time to power through! Summer is so close and by then the galaxy will be yours. Don’t stray from your goals as they’re so close to being achieved. Let your success be your path to fun!

Cancer - Mint Chocolate Chip

May brings new opportunities making it a bit difficult to decide what to do next. Stay true to yourself--only you know what’s best for you. Like Mint Chocolate Chip, you stay cool in times while facing decisions.

Leo - Rainbow Donut

Treat yourself this month! Take out time to rest and relax however you decide, like the rainbow donut, let your colors shine through.

Virgo - Mixed Berry

Everyone needs a little extra love sometimes, you are so radiant and filled with laughter, share your time with others to brighten your day since you’re so sweet like a mixed berry donut.

Libra - Blue Sprinkled

You’re a true blue to yourself original. Tapping into your natural leadership skills this month will help your reach your goals you are striving for. Like the blue sprinkled donut, you’re sweet sprinkled with success.

Scorpio - Pumpkin Spice

You are radiating positivity this month, share your optimism with those closest around them. Spend time with friends and make the most of this month, just like pumpkin spice, everyone loves you.

Sagittarius - Cotton Candy

Treat yourself this month, you’re so rich in friendships so take advantage of the month to cherish your friends and the great memories you’ll make together. Like cotton candy, you treat your friends so sweet.

Capricorn - Lemon Poppyseed

Stay confident this month and your passions will follow. Take time to work on your goals however big or small your taking steps to achieve success. Like a lemon poppyseed, your popularity comes into play and remember there’s no ‘I’ in team.

Aquarius - Cinnamon Roll

As the month progresses, you’ll find yourself to be more and more of a homebody. Take this time at home to do some spring cleaning and task yourself with fun activities like baking cinnamon rolls sound like the perfect place to start.

Pisces -  Blueberry

Challenges will come your way this month but don’t worry, your free-spirit attitude will lead you to the best decisions. Stand by your decisions wholeheartedly and you’ll never feel blue.

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