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Slime Etiquette

If you're a novice slimer, or an OG slimer, here are some how-to’s when playing with your slime:

Here are some unspoken slime rules defined by the slime community and the slime queen, Karina Garcia

  1. When playing with butter slime, spread it like butter! Place it on a flat surface and smooth is around with your hands and fold it into itself like ribbon.
  2. With glossy slime, it's all about the slime pokes! Place the slime on a flat surface and pull, click, pop, and fold your slime endlessly
  3. Crunchy slime is great for stretching, grab it with both hands and squeeze, stretch and fold.
  4. And the most important rule applies to cloud slime, NEVER poke, because the slime is so soft, poking it will result in no satisfying noises. Cloud slime is great for stretching, pull it back and forth to create lines then swirl it onto a flat surface
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