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Signs as Scents | Horoscopes for July

You know the drill. Its summer and we are all thriving in our horoscopes. Be sweet. Be kind. Be yourself.  Aries - ...

Slime Etiquette

If you're a novice slimer, or an OG slimer, here are some how-to’s when playing with your slime: Here are some uns...

Signs as Squishy Doughnuts | Horoscopes for May

Signs as Squishy Doughnuts | Horoscopes for May: Aries - Pink Sprinkled May the month of May bring you great opport...

Meet the #SkinnySquad

Karina’s #SkinnySquad has won THE title of ultimate #SquadGoals. With her besties by her side, Karina Garcia is unsto...
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