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You Ask We Answer: Why Does Glitter Stick to Everything?

So if you didn’t know already, we LOVE glitter, its so cool and color and the perfect finishing touch to a slime or a crafting project. From rainbow to holographic, we’ve used every glitter that glistens under the sun for our projects, we can’t craft without it which poses the question, why is it so sticky? Its caught in your hair, all over the floor, impossible to completely clean up glitter.

Most glitters are made up of plastic or paper that has been coated with aluminum to make it shimmer and sparkle.

Here are a few theories as to why glitter is sticky:

  1. Static Electricity: The coating that makes glitter, glittery is negatively charged meaning it has more electrons and when it meets with something positively-charged, and opposites attract that creates a bond that pushes them together causing the stickiness.
  2. Air Viscosity: When glitter is on a flat surface it pushes that air out from under it making it harder to pick up
  3. Surface Tension: Glitter is sticky because of the moisture on your skin provides a tack that suction onto your skin or surface.

All in all, these are all just theories of why glitter is so sticky but its always fun to find a little sparkle when it's unexpected.

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