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About Karina Garcia & Craft City

Karina’s passion for crafting first started as a family project with her six siblings, and has now evolved into a full-time career. Karina invented the slime craze as the first YouTuber to post a day slime video. Her video, which was posted in January 2016, has over 11 million views. Beyond teaching the world how to make slime and crazy arts & crafts projects, Karina loves to design, style and keep up with the latest trends. Karina is a big personality and entrepreneurial role model, who loves to inspire kids and show that anything is possible! Born in the city of Los Angeles, Karina represents what it means to stand out in the world. All of our products are made with love, from Karina and Craft City to your home.

About our products

At Craft City, we believe that crafting should be fun and creations should be on your own terms. For me, crafting is all about doing things differently. Our products inspire crafters to push the limits of their creativity, because everyone was born to create! Xoxo,

-Karina Garcia, Craft City Founder

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