• Where can I find the product?
  • Craft City's Official Make-Your-Own Slime, Bath Bomb, and Lip Kits are available exclusively at Target retailers, in store and online!

  • How do I make my own slime activator?
  • If you run out of our slime activator, no worries! You can make your own at home with only 3 ingredients:

    Contact Solution Recipe
    • 1 Bottle of Craft City Glue
    • 3-4 Pinches Baking Soda
    • 3-4 TBSP of Contact Lens Solution (needs to contain boric acid)

    1. Pour your entire 6 oz Craft City glue into a bowl.
    2. Add baking soda and mix thoroughly.
    3. Slowly add your contact lens solution until desired consistency is achieved.

    • 1. Label an 8 oz. plastic bottle “Sodium Tetraborate (Borax) Solution” with a permanent marker.
    • 2. Fill the bottle about ¾ full with warm water.
    • 3. Add 2 teaspoon of sodium tetraborate (borax powder) to the water and shake until mostly dissolved.
    • 4. Fill the bottle to the top with water and shake again to completely dissolve the sodium tetraborate solids.

    Caution: This recipe has not been safety tested and approved like the Craft City activator contained in the Slime Kit.
    We do recommend that children refrain from making activator that includes chemicals that may be harmful, including - but not limited - to Borax.

  • Can I add my own ingredients to slime mixture?
  • The possibilities for different types of slime are endless!

    The Official Craft City Make-Your-Own Slime Kit includes a variety of add ons to give your slime a unique flare, but you do not have to stop there.
    This kit is designed to include everything you need to make our top quality slime at home, but there is no right way to make slime.
    If you chose to include extra elements, please do so with adult supervision.

    Don't forget, it's all about crafting on your own terms. So be creative!

  • How do I make my own colors?
  • Without any coloring tablets, slime will be light blue for both the opaque and translucent slimes.
    If you add one additional coloring tablet, you will get the following colored slimes:

    • Add red tablet to make purple slime
    • Add yellow tablet to make green slime
    • Add blue tablet to make super blue!
  • Does Craft City have any other products?
  • There are more fun crafts to be made with the Craft City brand.
    The Sleepover Collection, which includes a Make-Your-Own Bath Bomb Kit and the Make-Your-Own Lip Kit, just launched at Target retailers.
    Visit Target.com for store locations and to place online orders

    Please continue to check CraftCityLife.com for news on all new products!