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Product image 1SUPER SLIME
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Craft City’s 4-pack of pre-made 3oz slimes are the stretchiest slimes out there! Uncover four unique slimes that glow-in-the-dark, glisten in the light and even change color before your eyes! You can give these slimes as a gift, trade them with your friends, or collect them all.

  • Mood Ring: This amazing, purple-blue slime can change color right before your eyes! Using the heat from your hands, this extra stretchy slime will change color the longer you play with it. 
  • Fire and Ice: There are some ice cold treasures within this glittery, ooey-gooey slime. Stretch and pull to reveal the fun hidden inside!
  • Metallic: Watch out, this slime is super slippery! With an unique wet texture, this slime was built for a gooey good time.
  • Rainbow: The best part about this slime? You can play with it in the dark! Stretch this glittery slime under a light to create some glow-in-the-dark fun!
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